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    The Centre is based on a number of interdisciplinary acitivities:


    • The Institute of Business Management offers several teaching modules imported from the Chair of Indology, and has itself developed a module "India from an economic perspective: Business Hub India", for which students of both fields can opt. The Chair of Indology offered special teaching assignments on "Indo-German Economic Relations" and "Economic Policy in India", which generated large interest among students. Several India related publications at the Chairs of Marketing and Industrial Economics document this special research focus on India.

    • The Institute for Political Science and Social Research offers its B.A. students of "Political and Social Studies" an option for modules imported by the Chair of Indology, such as "Modern South Asia" or "South Asian Ethnology". This teaching cooperation will be continued by systematically integrating India related topics into the M.A. course "Political and Social Studies" and into the upcoming Master programme "Modern India".

    • The Faculty of Law has developed subject-specific language programmes introducing foreign law systems. As part of these programmes, Indian lawyers have been lecturing at the University of Würzburg in compact seminars.

    • An important factor in strengthening India Competence at Würzburg is the interdisciplinary teaching project on "Global Systems and Intercultural Competence" (GSiK), initiated by the Faculty of Law in 2008. Within this project, the Chair of Indology offers courses in "Intercultural Competence – India".

    • The Institute for Musicological Research was designed as All-Bavarian Centre combining several Chairs of Musicology. It includes the subject Ethnomusicology. A teaching module "Indian Music" was organized jointly by the Chair of Indology and Ethnomusicology in WS 2009/10. A new Master programme on "Ethnomusicology/ Transcultural Music Studies" is planned, which will also concentrate on Indian music and will be connected to the "Würzburg Centre of Modern India".